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Get a knockout fighter physique with a focus on strength and endurance. Vacca MMA offers a variety of MMA, defense and fitness classes for a complete body and mind transformation.
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Sculpt a lean, athletic and powerful body with Vacca fitness, defense and MMA classes. Take yourself to the next level and maximize your strength.

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young adults
You are at the point in your life when you need
to understand how to defend yourself from
potential bullies or attackers. Our young adults
program builds confidence, leadership, and
strength through fitness and martial arts.
Participants 12 and above.

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The VMMA kids program builds confidence, respect, and teaches real world martial arts techniques which can be used to protect a child during a potential attack situation. The world is full of bad people and teaching a child basic techniques can prevent a potentially fatal situation.
Programs begin at age 3.5 to 11.
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I am a 25+ year Martial Arts and Tactical Expert. When you train with me and my VMMA Team you will reach new levels of fitness, confidence and the ability to protect yourself. Our students train hard and achieve outstanding results. Join our highly motivated team and begin your journey towards personal success!

Mike Vacca

I am a multi-style Martial Arts athlete who strives on a daily basis to bring out the best in myself and others! Attitudes are contagious and being around our friendly, positive and motivated staff will keep you on track with your fitness and wellness goals! No matter your age or background, we have a program that will work for you! Start your self-defense and fitness journey with us today!

Josh Graff

Along my journey in life, empowering women is a main goal of mine. Women are strong, willful, and amazing. The strength we have inside is limitless. Unfortunately, some women don’t see the strength in themselves. It is my objective to empower these women through self-defense, fitness, and doing what they never thought was possible. I am on a mission, and I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you!

Ashley Weber